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2022 Conference Registration

Montana Berry Growers Association
2022 Annual Growers Conference Registration

February 25-26th, 2022 in Bozeman, MT

Schedule of presentations:

Day 1: Friday, February 25th

* Dr Wan Yuan Kou- MSU Food Product Development Lab

* New WARC researcher introduction presentation and fruit research goals

* Jan Tusick, Mission Mountain West Food Enterprise Center

Day 2: Saturday, February 26th

* Dr Zach Miller- herbicide trials research preliminary data

* Jeff Boden- West Union Gardens, Oregon: cultivars, strategies, and market for our farm

* Jeff Boden, Zach Miller, (others) bird control strategies and systems

* Agency Roundtable share out

* AERO Montana- Abundant MT and food marketing map

* MTBGA annual association meeting and listening session